Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Song About My Ex ( no name yet haha)

Your darker then milk chocolate
Your sweeter then honey
Your smiles as bright as the sun
Your hearts as deep as the ocean
Your minds as wide as the sky
Your eyes sparkle like the stars above
You make me feel like a ray of light coming from heaven
You seem so open like an endless whole in the ground
But your as closed up as a book never found
And yet someway somehow I still love you deeply with all my heart
I'd take my life just to save yours
Because that's how much I love you

Well as I know i don't love my ex like that anymore. I love him like a brother & i would still take my life for him because hes a great guy. Well I wrote thee i guess you can call it a song when i was still with him & i still loved him like that. I won't name him but he is a wonderfully great person that i am proud to call him my friend.(:

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